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Deer Resistant Plants

Deer Resistant Landscape Plants, Shrubs Trees Common Name Latin Name Shrubs – Rarely Damaged by Deer Devil’s Walking Stick Aralia spinosa Barberry Berberis sp. Butterfly Bush Buddleia sp. Common Boxwood Buxus sempervirens Heather Calliuna sp. Blue Mist Shrub Caryopteris clandonensis Japanese Plum Yew Cephatotaxus harringtonia Broom Cytisus sp. Daphne Daphne sp. Russian Olive Elaeagnus angustifolia […]

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Quick Gardening Tips

Quick Gardening Tips Would you like to share one of your Gardening Tips.  Send an email to us atsales@shrubcoat.com and we will add your tip to our site. Grub Control Grubs are the larval stage of beetles. There are many types of grubs but the ones which live in the dirt under grass are most […]

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Installation Instructions

The Shrub Coat helps prevent against damage to shrubs and plants from snow load, winds, and deer and rabbit browsing. It is an attractive, cost-effective, reusable and environmentally friendly alternative to other forms of plant protection. The Shrub Coat should be installed over desired shrubs in late fall. Prior to the installation of your Shrub […]

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