Something that actually works

Something that actually Works!  Shrub Coat
After years of putting up fencing only for it to be jumped over, hours spent putting burlap on everything only to have it chewed through and some “Chew Not” granulars that had to be spread every few weeks, we finally found something that actually works!!

Shrub Coats are simple to install, well made and easy to store. Landscaping is an investment and having to replace trees and shrubs every spring from snow damage or hungry dear and rabbits becomes rather costly.  These “coats” are worth every penny and in the long run will save you time and money!!

Thank you for making “getting ready for winter” a whole lot easier!

John & Dawn Tiffany
Clarence NY

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  1. steve bakowski

    May 06, 2016 at 1:44 pm

    I think it is the best and most cost effective way to save my plants

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