Garden Clip Catcher

garden clip catcher

Ever need an easier way to clean your mulch, rocks, or topsoil after trimming your hedges???   IntroducingThe Clip Catcher, the easiest way to clean your shrub clippings, tree pruning, and leaves from your yard.

Whether you are a professional landscaper, avid gardener, or homeowner with a Saturday “honey-do” list, you know that cleaning up after trimming or pruning you bushes and hedges is time consuming.  Our Clip Catcher is designed to cut down your clean up time to seconds instead of long hours or entire afternoons.  No more picking up individual clippings out of rock beds or losing expensive mulch and soil from raking of power blowing.  The Clip Catcher is easily placed under your plants; it catches the clippings as you trim; then easily slides back out for disposal in a wheelbarrow or area of your choice.  It’s that Easy!  Watch the videos above to see for yourself, and then order yours today!

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