– Frequently Asked Questions

You have made a valuable investment in your landscaping. A well maintained landscaping adds not only beauty to your home but helps to increase and retain its value. Plants are vulnerable to many environmental elements. Snow and ice can break branches and defoliate plants that are not protected. Winter winds and ice melting products can rob your plants of valuable nutrients and moisture needed to sustain themselves through the winter season. Hungry animals such as deer and rabbits may begin to browse on your landscaping during months when other sources of food are scarce.

Your Shrub Coat requires minimal assembly. Each unit contains one Shrub Coat, steel support poles, and plastic stakes. Simply insert the poles into the pre-sewn sleeves of your Shrub Coat, stand your Shrub Coat upright over the plant you wish to protect, and hammer the plastic stakes through the stake loops into the ground. It’s that simple.

Only a hammer is needed to pound the plastic stakes into the ground when you install your Shrub Coat.

The Shrub Coat comes in 4 sizes. The 3 foot Shrub Coat will take approximately 5 minutes to assemble. The 6 foot Shrub Coat and the 6 foot “Big Boy” Shrub Coat will take up to 10 minutes to assemble. The 9 foot Shrub Coat will take up to 15 minutes to assemble.

After assembly, installation of your Shrub Coat takes less than 5 minutes.

Your Shrub Coat should be installed in the late fall (when the growing season is over) in preparation for winter. Your Shrub Coat may also be used as a temporary protective device in situations where there is a threat of heavy snow or ice prior to the winter season. It may also be used to protect vegetables and flowers from heavy killing frosts. In these situations, remove your Shrub Coat when the threatening condition is gone. Your plants and shrubbery should not be covered for an extended period of time during the growing season.

Yes. Your Shrub Coat can be used to protect plants, vegetables, and shrubbery at risk of damage from frost. Your Shrub Coat should then be removed when the temperature warms and the risk is gone.

Your Shrub Coat should be removed in the early springtime once the threat of heavy snow and ice has passed, and food for deer becomes more plentiful.

The Shrub Coat will provide protection to your plants without causing a “greenhouse” effect under the cover. Temperature variations from inside to outside the Shrub Coat will be nominal (between 2 and 7 degrees Fahrenheit).

No. Because your Shrub Coat will not create a “greenhouse” affect, it will not cause pre-mature blooming of your flowering plants..

Your Shrub Coat stakes are specially designed to withstand cold temperatures and freezing ground conditions. The stakes should be hammered fully into the ground. It is a good idea to periodically check the stakes to make sure that they remain securely to the ground. Once the ground is frozen, it is unlikely that the stakes will loosen up until springtime.

No. Your Shrub Coat can be easily incorporated into any holiday decorating scheme. The Shrub Coats shown on the website are decorated using outdoor strand and/or net lighting. The lights are not permanently secured to the Shrub Coat. Only use “cool” outdoor lighting on your Shrub Coat. Hot bulbs, frayed cords, or lights being used for an inappropriate application may cause the Shrub Coat fabric to burn or degrade. The manufacturer’s warranty does not protect against improper use or manipulation of the fabric or structure of your Shrub Coat.

No. The Shrub Coat fabric is not sprayed with any repellants. The Shrub Coat is designed to be a physical barrier between the animals and your plants.

To minimize the risk of smaller animals getting under your Shrub Coat, make sure that the stakes are hammered securely into the ground and that the fabric of the Shrub Coat rests flush with the ground. Periodically throughout the winter months, especially when the ground is not yet frozen, inspect the stakes to make sure they are securely in the ground and that the fabric is taut and flush with the ground.

The Shrub Cover is made from the same specially designed, durable, UV treated, shade cloth as the Shrub Coat. The Shrub Cover is designed to protect your plants against animal browsing, wind, and snow. However, the Shrub Cover does not have the steel poles like the Shrub Coat, which gives it its teepee like structure and strength. The Shrub Cover is not intended to protect against heavy snow or ice loads. The Shrub Cover is ideal for those plants that you wish to protect against animal browsing or harsh winds.

Yes. With proper usage and care, your Shrub Coat is expected to give you many years of usage. The Shrub Coat is easily collapsible and comes with a Velcro strap to keep the fabric together for easy storage.

Your plants should be watered before installing your Shrub Coat over them for the winter. Your plants will still transpire (breath) through the winter months and need moisture to do so.

The Shrub Coat is made of a specially designed, UV treated, shade cloth. The fabric is resistant to fading and wear and tear for 3 years. Your Shrub Coat comes with a 3-year replacement warranty.

Yes. Replacement stakes and poles are available on our website.

The Shrub Coat is a cost-effective, convenient and attractive means to protect your shrubbery during the winter months. The Shrub Coat is warranted against manufacture’s defects for three years. With proper care and usage we expect that your Shrub Coat will provide you with 5+ years of enjoyment. As compared to chemical sprays that need to be reapplied throughout the winter, burlap or wooden covering that need to be individually constructed and can be cumbersome to install, and permanent fencing, you will undoubtedly find that the Shrub Coat is providing you a superior and cost-effective means to protect your landscape investment.

The Shrub Coat is made of a specially designed and tested fabric that is “breathable”. Its breathability allows air to circulate around your plant and lets a minimal amount of water to touch your plants, thus allowing your plants the required transpiration (“breathability”)even in the winter months. While the Shrub Coat fabric may be touching the foliage on your plants, it will not burn the surface

Yes. Refer to our website at …. For a list of the retail stores the Shrub Coat is currently available at.

Yes. There are plants that are low on the deer list of favorite munchies. However, environmental conditions and availability of other sources of food will determine their browsing habits. If hungry enough, they will eat it.