What do people have to say about “Shrub Coat”?

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What Nursery Professionals are saying about the Shrub Coat !

What people are saying !

“Though I usually don’t discuss particular garden products here, I’m making an exception of Shrub Coat for 2 reasons:
1. It’s the brainchild of a Western New York horticulturalist.
2. If it works, other zone 5 (and under) gardeners should know about it, because it might spare us some seasonal anxiety over our hydrangea macrophyllas, rhododendrons, and other marginally hardy shrubs.

Up until now, I’ve been protecting the 2 macrophyllas (both are pink and bloom on old wood) by heaping bags

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Elizabeth Licata's

Something That Actually Works!!
After years of putting up fencing only for it to be jumped over, hours spent putting burlap on everything only to have it chewed through and some “Chew Not” granulars that had to be spread every few weeks, we finally found something that actually works!!   Shrub Coats are simple to install, well made and easy to store. Landscaping is an investment and having to replace trees and shrubs every spring from snow damage or hungry dear and rabbits becomes rather costly.  These “coats” are worth every penny and in the long run will save you time and money!! Thank you for making “getting ready for winter” a whole lot easier!!

John & Dawn Tiffany

Clarence NY - 11/19/12

“Shrub Coat is an ingenious way to protect those tender shrubs that are sometimes damaged by winter winds, severe temperature changes, and deer.  Vulnerable shrubs include Rhododendrons, Hollies, Pieris Japonica and many other evergreens, or evergreens planted in the last year or two.  Shrub Coat lets the light in but keeps the dangers out, and it’s much better looking than most tents and wraps made out of burlap.  Considering the investment in some precious landscape plants, Shrub Coat, a one time purchase, makes a lot of sense.”

Sally Cunningham

Certified Nursery Landscape ProfessionalGarden Writer & Consultant

Found on a gardening blog about “Chuck Hayes Hardy Gardenias” 
“This year, I covered mine (gardenia) with this Shrub Coat thing and I am hoping it helped it. I think any gardenia is risky here but some people have success. I think the key is to protect them from the elements or plant them in a sheltered spot. I’m hoping Shrub Coat will do the trick for my “Frostproof” (Shrub Coat lets in light, air, and moisture but provides a measure of protection – maybe half a zone’s worth – website is http://www.shrubcoat.com/ – I’ll report on how well it worked as winter protection.” you!

Chuck Hayes Hardy Gardenias

Happy Customer

“They were great!  I used my Shrub Coats to cover 2 big Rhododendrons in my yard.  I had problems in the past with deer munching on my Rhododendrons and I tried several ways to protect them.  This year I used my Shrub Coats and not one single deer attacked my plants.  The Shrub Coat was also large enough to cover the Rhododendron and a small plant next to it.  During the holidays, I attached a strand of lights to my Shrub Coats and my neighbors thought I had Christmas trees in my yard.  But most of all, I liked the ease of use and installation…I was able to install them at half time during a football game.  Now that’s easy.  I’m purchasing 4 more this year to protect my Alberta Spruce.  The Shrub Coat is a great product!”


Depew NY