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BUFFALO, N.Y., Sept. 20 /PRNewswire/

The Shrub Coat was invented to protect the shrubs, plants and trees from snow, ice, wind, deer and rabbits. With many convenient sizes, The Shrub Coat easily fits over shrubs, bushes and trees up to nine feet tall.

The inventor, Steve Bakowski, a professional nurseryman and landscaper with over 28 years of experience, was often asked by his customers “Isn’t there a better way to protect bushes and shrubs than the ugly, ineffective burlap-wrap method?” There wasn’t, so Steve invented one himself.

“Customers wanted a reusable form of winter plant protection without chemical sprays or solutions that need reapplication,” says Bakowski. “Burlap was never a great solution. But until I invented The Shrub Coat, there wasn’t much choice.”

Burlap can rip and tear in the wind and hangs there in shreds, not providing protection, and detracting from the home’s beauty. It has to be changed almost every year so it’s more costly in the long run. Bakowski wanted the Shrub Coat and Shrub Cover to provide protection, look attractive and last a long time, so there would be one less tedious fall chore to do.

After four years of development he began marketing The Shrub Coat to Western New York nurseries, homeowners, gardeners, and landscapers and it took off. Bakowski recently added The Shrub Cover to the product line for lower plants or shrubbery. (Steve Bakowski can be reached directly at (716) 759-7044 or (888) SHRUB-COAT.) Shrub Coat Products can be seen and ordered directly on line at http://www.shrubcoat.com/.

Shrub Coats and Shrub Covers are made of a durable, environmentally- friendly, UV treated fabric that allows plants to “breathe” without creating a greenhouse effect under the cover.   They emerge green and healthy in the spring.

The main difference is that Shrub Covers do not have the interior poles that give the Shrub Coat its “teepee” like structure.

Both can be simply installed in just minutes, then store easily away in the spring. They can also be decorated with lights for a festive holiday look.

For gardening information and tips and to see the complete Shrub Coat line of products visit http://www.shrubcoat.com/.

Web site: http://www.shrubcoat.com/

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