Made of the same durable material as all the Shrub Coat Family of Products, the All Season Multi-Purpose Screening is an application that allows the customer the flexibility to install a wind or snow barrier in unique places. The fabric is durable, yet light weight and easy to handle. The fabric is seamed on all edges and contains metal grommet holes around the perimeter where zip ties, ropes or wires cam be inserted to attach the screening to poles, stakes or fences.

The All Season Multi Purpose Screening has a variety of uses such as:

  • protective wind shield or barrier
  • physical barrier to keep animals such as deer off your plants
  • privacy screening around pools, patios and yards
  • shade cloth for atop animal and pet cages
  • sun screens for baseball fields, tennis courts, and other sporting applications

All Season Multi-Purpose Screenings are available in stock sizes and made to order custom sizes