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About The Shrub Coat Family of Products:

Steve welcomes your plant challenges and questions. Please send a picture and some measurements consisting of height x width x length along with name of plant and i will personal contact you to help solve your problem, contact me at. theinventor@shrubcoat.com  or at 716-583-6912http://www.shrubcoat.com/about-us/

Includes the Original Shrub Coat, Shrub Cover, All Season Multi-Purpose Screening, and custom Hedge Covers.All Our Products Are Proudly Made In America!!
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Beaver Landscaping, Inc.

Manufacturer of  The Shrub Coat Line of Products

5640 Davison Rd. Clarence NY 14031
Local Phone: 716-583-6912

For product information, regular and custom orders, shipping, wholesale opportunities, and expert product and horticultural knowledge contact Steve at theinventor@shrubcoat.com. Please use the address above for written correspondance only. We welcome all emails, calls, and questions as we enjoy talking to our customers.  However, the address above is not a retail store or sales location.

The Plant Protection Invention

Shrub Coat is the invention of Steve Bakowski – New York State Certified Nursery and Landscape Professional, horticulturalist, and resident of Clarence, NY.  After more than 30 years in the landscaping business, Steve knew his customers needed a better way than burlap to protect their valuable plants and shrubbery from deer and rabbit damage and destruction by harsh winter elements.  Since there wasn’t anything commercially available, he spent four years experimenting with ideas and concepts on his own.  The result is the superior plant protection products offered by the Shrub Coat Family of Products.

Fall 2008 – Great News! Steve Bakowski received a US Patent on the Shrub Coat invention.  Congratulations Steve on pursuing your passion and making a sustainable impact on the Green Industry.  Way to go!!

Plant and Shrubbery Care

Significant investments in plants and shrubbery are made by homeowners, gardeners, businesses, and municipalities to enhance the natural beauty of our environment.  Without the appropriate care and protection, your plants and shrubs can die or show significant decline over time. Replacing them can cost you significant time and effort.

Sustain and Preserve Plant Health

The Shrub Coat was designed to help you maintain and preserve the health of your plants during winter months by achieving the following:

  • Prevent or deter browsing by deer and rabbits.
  • Prevent damage from snow load and ice.
  • Stop browning and dieback due to winds.
  • Allow plants and shrubs to breathe, without any “greenhouse effect,” so they emerge fresh and green in the spring.
  • Serve as a cost-effective, reusable alternative to other forms of winter plant protection.

Special Shade Cloth Fabric

Shrub Coats are made of an attractive, breathable, environmentally friendly fabric.  This UV-treated fabric allows light and airflow to reach your plant while helping to protect it from the harsher elements of winter. Compared to other physical barriers, like burlap, wood or cardboard, The Shrub Coat is an attractive and cost-effective product that will last for years to come. It is also an attractive means to decorate your home for the holidays!

Plant Protection Results

Since its introduction, The Shrub Coat has received rave reviews from homeowners and industry professionals alike.  In fact, we’ve expanded our family of winter plant protection products to include The Shrub Cover and All Season Screening, with even more useful garden accessories to come.  Keep checking here to find the latest advances for protecting your valuable landscaping investment.

And Remember … All Our Products Are Proudly Made In America!!

Do your part to save American jobs…buy American made products.

The Shrub Coat Family of Products are 100% made in The United States of America.  All raw materials are purchased from American suppliers.  All labor and assembly is performed in the USA by qualified and dedicated employees.  We pride ourselves in a quality product for a fair price.  We do not sell to “Big Box” stores.  All our Shrub Coat products are guaranteed for 5 years against defect and degradation.  Our best form of advertising is you, a satisfied customer.  Thank you for doing your part to keep America a blessed county to live in.

What Nursery Professionals are saying about the Shrub Coat!

“Shrub Coat is an ingenious way to protect those tender shrubs that are sometimes damaged by winter winds, severe temperature changes, and deer.  Vulnerable shrubs include Rhododendrons, Hollies, Pieris Japonica and many other evergreens, or evergreens planted in the last year or two.  Shrub Coat lets the light in but keeps the dangers out, and it’s much better looking than most tents and wraps made out of burlap.  Considering the investment in some precious landscape plants, Shrub Coat, a one time purchase, makes a lot of sense.”

Sally Cunningham

Certified Nursery Landscape ProfessionalGarden Writer & Consultant