Quite possibly "The Worlds Strongest Plastic Stake" ... well it's definately the strongest one we have ever seen or used.  Available in 9 inch and 12 inch sizes, our stakes are made of recycled, reclaimed, and reground ABS material.  These are the same stakes used with our Shrub Coat and Shrub Cover products.  They withstand sub-zero temperatures without cracking or breaking.  Each stake has an eye-hole and hooked end that easily accomodates the attachment of string, twine, or wire.

Our stakes are great for tent camping, tieing down holiday inflatable decorations, or for staking small trees, tents, tarps, etc.  Order them singularly or in packages of 4. 

The Rainbow Garden Markers are a great way to label your garden plants, newly planted vegetable seeds or gardens, indoor plants, or anything that is special to you.  Always remember that plant recieved as a gift or on a special occasion by marking the name or date on the garden tag.  Family and friends will enjoy viewing your garden with beautifully labeled plant markers.  Availalbe in a variety of colors, or a Rainbow Pac, there is surely a color to suite your needs.

The "Stake-It-Easy" Tree Staking Kit is ideal for staking newly planted trees or plants.  Each kit contains three 12 inch "Worlds Strongest Plastic Stakes", and three rubber stem/branch protectors with pre-strung twine.  As its name suggests, the Stake-It-Easy tree staking kit comes with complete and eazy to use instructions.

Surface Max Bioballs  are a state of the art filter media for used in frest and salt water wet/dry systems, such as acquariums and indoor and outdoor fish ponds. 

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12" black Plastic ABS stakes

Strongest plastic stakes for landscaping
From $1.75

9" black ABS stakes

possible on of the worlds strongest stakes on the market.
From $1.50

Stake It Easy Tree Staking Kit

Tree staking kits used to help support your small trees and plants

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